Tips for Choosing Your Cheap International Calls Provider

One of the main criteria in choosing international calls provider is a low price. 

But we've noticed that customers get tricked by one marketing sentence that sounds something like this: "calls to country x - Yp/min."

The truth is that usually the number Y does not show the full price of a call.

But to know that before ordering a service people have to read terms and conditions. And we all hate small letter texts.

So what hidden or additional fees we should look for when choosing cheap international calls provider?

1. Connection fees. 

2. Minimum call charge. 

There may be 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. minimum call charge. So if you finish your call after 10 seconds, you should know that you will pay more than that.

3. Are your calls rounded up? 

Are you charged by seconds or by minutes? It is a very important question to find out.

If you pay by a second, after a 30-second call you will pay for 30 seconds.

But if your calls are rounded up to the nearest minute, after a phone call that lasted the same 30 seconds, you will be charged as if you have talked for 1 minute.
4. Credit/ balance validity period.

You might get thousands of bundled international minutes. But if your credit expires after one month or even after three months, you should consider if there is a point in ordering it. This leads us to the next point.

5. How many minutes will you really use up?

6. Account top-up fee.

Usually we think that we top-up our accounts for free but it is not always the case. For example, we came upon providers which ask you to pay 4.99 EUR for topping-up your account by 3,5 EUR.

7. Minimum top-up amount.

Sometimes you have to top-up relatively large sums of money to get low international rates.

8. Access number charge.

Cheap international calls may be provided via access numbers. You have to dial an access number manually (for example, when using calling cards) or an access number may be automatically dialed for you (for example, when using international calling apps).

Cheap international calls provider does not charge you for this part of a call, but your
mobile network operator might do.

Usually calls to access numbers are included in your mobile network operator's inclusive minute bundles. But in some cases your mobile operator might charge you for calling to premium rate access numbers (usually they are not landline numbers).
Our advice is simple - check your detailed phone bills and find out if your calls to access number are included or excluded (charged additionally) from your bundle.

9. Will you need internet for any part of your call?

That's right! Keep in mind, that internet costs as well;)

Customers get tricked by one marketing sentence that sounds something like this: "calls to country x - Yp/min." 

Have a nice day!

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